Rectangle Vs Square Trampolines

RECTANGLE vs SQUARE: Which Trampoline is Better?

There are two main shapes of MaxAir Trampolines: rectangle and square.

Both are designed for professional use. All of our models are built to last and provide plenty of room for bouncing. What’s the difference between a rectangle vs square trampoline and which is the better option for you? Here’s a breakdown on the advantages and disadvantages of trampoline shapes. 


Rectangular trampolines are the traditional, most used shape trampoline for professional athletes. Both square and rectangular tramps are far-more stabler than circular trampolines. Rectangular trampolines provide more space for off-center bouncing-based tricks and are perfectly suited for practicing gymnastics routines.

Rectangular trampolines also have a lot of space, making them a great choice for families. More space = more safe. If you plan to have several children playing on a trampoline, don’t because it is dangerous and more often than not the smaller individual can be injured. A rectangular trampoline complete with padding and netting will be the safest option. This will allow you to avoid the worry of trampoline safety. Our Super Tramp is the world-class rectangular trampoline for athletes or the most active of sporting families. The super trampoline is 10 feet by 20 feet, providing 200 square feet of jumping surface. Your child will love practicing gymnastic moves on this trampoline by developing confidence and control. They will find their next breakthrough and it won’t be the trampoline bed.


It may seem like a rectangular trampoline would provide more jumping space but a square trampoline delivers you more space to jump. That’s because there is more space corner to corner. The square shape provides sturdy support for jumpers by centering the bounce. Surrounded by an equal amount of tension springs, a square trampoline bed acts as one giant spring. When set-up in a square formation, a trampoline will rocket you upward and not forward nor backward. MaxAir Trampolines pioneered the square super trampoline to produce this specific ability for world-breaking, gold medal-winning athletes.

For anyone who wants to do advanced tricks, we recommend the Super Quad Square Trampoline. Its square shape offers more room and is ideal for those who want to perform complicated moves like off-axis twists and flips. Think snowboarders and free-skiers, scooterists and skateboarders, X Gamers and Olympians. Our Super Quad is specifically designed for extreme sports and for those athletes that compete on a competitive, professional level. The 14 by 14-foot square tramp bed provides athletes with the space to perform complex athletic tricks while providing the safety and durability they need. It can be installed in a home or a gym and is ideal for any athlete, especially those competing at the top of their sport.

How Do You Decide Between a Rectangle or Square Trampoline?

When deciding on a trampoline, both square and rectangular trampolines are the best… it depends on the type of trampoline bounce you require.  For athletics and gymnastics, a rectangle bed is better for back-to-front movements where forward momentum is key. A square trampoline is great for higher, straight-up jumps and tricks. Both are completely safe when all precautions are followed and both can accommodate more than one bouncer at a time. But what’s the bottom line,” you ask? The bottom line is: extreme athletes should consider a square trampoline and gymnasts should practice on rectangular trampolines.

A Final Note On Trampoline Shape

Another thing to consider is which trampoline will fit in your yard. If you have a smaller yard, a square trampoline may be the best fit. A rectangular one might be comparable in size, but the length of one side makes it a bit more difficult to fit in small spaces. If you are unsure of what size trampoline to buy, our guide on best spots in your yard for a trampoline can help you navigate that process. Of course, MaxAir Trampolines provides custom shapes. Our designers will gladly help you with your trampoline regardless of size or shape and the crazier the plan, all the better. Call 1-877-4-MAX-AIR and we’ll shape your tramp LIKE. NOTHING. ELSE.


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