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The Extreme Sport Returns

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MaxAir Trampolines is proud to partner with SlamBall League as co-founder and as the official trampoline! Watch on ESPN & ESPN+ as this collaboration brings together two industry pioneers to revolutionize the trampoline sports landscape!

SlamBall is an adrenaline-pumping sport that seamlessly combines the heart-pounding thrill of basketball with the awe-inspiring artistry of trampolining. Imagine contact basketball played in the sky, where extraordinary athletes soar to unimaginable heights, defying gravity with mesmerizing acrobatics that leave spectators breathless. It’s a captivating spectacle where athleticism meets aerial showmanship.

The SlamBall court becomes a theater of gravity-defying stunts and jaw-dropping maneuvers as players use MaxAir Trampolines to launch themselves skyward, reaching for the stars as they execute gravity-defying dunks and mid-air throws with unparalleled finesse. Each soaring leap is a moment of pure exhilaration, an artful dance with gravity, and a testament to the power of human potential.

As the game unfolds, witness a symphony of motion and skill, with players showcasing their prowess in acrobatics, basketball finesse, and strategic knowledge. SlamBall creates a synergy of sports that transcends traditional boundaries, forging a new path where athleticism and acrobatics unite to create a visually stunning and intensely competitive experience.

With MaxAir Trampolines at the heart of the action, every bounce becomes a chance for players to defy the norm and elevate the game to unprecedented heights. The combination of SlamBall’s heart-stopping intensity and the aerial dynamism of our trampolines guarantees an unmatched spectacle that will hold you spellbound from the first bounce to the final buzzer.

SlamBall is more than just a game; it’s a mesmerizing tapestry of athleticism, innovation, and artistry. It inspires not only players but also audiences of all ages, proving that the human spirit knows no bounds. As SlamBall blazes a trail of excitement and awe, MaxAir Trampolines stands proud as the official trampoline partner, enabling this thrilling sport to reach new heights and captivate hearts worldwide. Experience the boundless energy and artful grace of SlamBall, where the action is not only on the court but also in the sky!

How Is SlamBall Played?

Discover the Fast-Paced Rules of SlamBall

It may seem pretty straightforward but the intricacies of SlamBall are fairly nuanced. Here are the basic rules of the game to get you going on your path to be SlamBall’s next big breakout star! Once you have the basics down, run over to SlamBall League for in-depth information on everything from physical contact rules to trampoline violations!

The Official Trampolines of SlamBall

quick Look

Mason Gordon, SlamBall’s original  architect, realized the SlamBall court required an upgrade in equipment. Mason sought out a trampoline with a soft but quick big air bounce and heavy duty commercial grade construction.

SlamBall needed a trampoline that could repeatedly withstand hundreds of pounds of force and propel a full-sized SlamBall player 20 feet into the air with a single bound. They also needed 8 custom trampoline beds in 2 different sizes… “as of yesterday.”

Enter MaxAir Trampolines.


Trampoline Beds: 8

Trampoline Bed Sizes: Standard 7′ x 14′ (x6), Custom 10′ x 14′ (x2)

Safety System: Custom Tapered Safety Spring Pads

"Mason Gordon reached out to us a few years ago before restarting SlamBall. He knew he wanted our string beds for SlamBall because he needed a lighter weight trampoline bed for more air flow and knew we could make them in any size. The first step was a phone call and we worked out that SlamBall required not only custom trampoline beds to size but custom frames and custom pads that could be transported from arena to arena. We began with 3 7x14 trampolines surrounding the basket with a 14x14 beneath it but the super quad was too much! We opted to mimic the 10x12 Home Air Pro's action so we managed to marry both 10x12 and 14x14 super trampolines into a 10x14! Once we had the correct trampoline set-up sized correctly for the court, we had to keep the trampoline surfaces similar in bounce. In order to keep the tension the same on each trampoline, we used a combination of spring extensions and tighter springs. Positioning the frames into the springboard floor required dropping the frames down 4 inches. For safety, we designed tapered pads to accommodate the fast-action and hard-hitting body slams and inevitable falls. Altogether, it was like any other customer and in this case, it all started with a single phone call and discussing how to bring that idea to life."
Paul Hagan, Project Lead

Bring SlamBall Home

The Perfect Addition To Your Local Trampoline Park

Be a part of the SlamBall revolution! Lobby your nearest trampoline park to install a dedicated SlamBall court. Experience the excitement and thrill of this electrifying sport in your own community. Gather your friends, family, and fellow sports enthusiasts to join you in embracing the gravity-defying fun. Don’t miss this chance to bring SlamBall to your doorstep and become a part of the SlamBall League’s growing global fanbase.

Are you ready to take the leap?

Contact your local trampoline park now and demand SlamBall!

If you are looking for a world class trampoline trusted by professional athletes, request a quote, email, or call us today!

Our team is happy to answer any questions to help you create the SlamBall court of your dreams


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