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A standard backyard trampoline resembling black plastic, also called a poly bed, is designed to bounce low. The materials that make up a standard poly bed trampoline are inexpensive with cheap frames, cheap beds, and cheap springs. Even a circle shape is used to save money in production but also to lessen the bounce capabilities. Typical backyard trampolines are intended for recreational purposes only for small to medium-sized children.


Super Trampolines (or "super tramps") are high-performance trampolines comprised of a fly bed measuring over 100 feet in surface area, and attached to a frame with extension springs. These trampolines are often used by action sport athletes for improving aerial awareness and verticality. As extreme sports have become more popular since the 1990s, athletes of all ages and skill levels have taken advantage of supplementing their training with a super tramp.


The first super trampoline was created in 1981 by Canadian Olympic Team Coach Dave Ross. Unavailable to the US market, MaxAir Trampolines is the first  American company to manufacture and distribute super trampolines in the USA. We use high-end quality components designed for the finest commercial grade high-performance trampoline on the market to date. We guarantee you will jump higher on our super tramps than any other production trampoline found on the planet!

A fly bed and a string bed are interchangeable. We build them using 2-string construction, which leaves small openings in the mat that resemble a web. Combined with the most powerful springs on the market, this construction provides optimal bounce, height, and performance for elite athletes.

This all depends on how you’ll use the trampoline. If you’ll be doing off-axis twists and flips, we recommend the Super Quad. This trampoline provides snowboarders, skiers, wakeboarders, skateboarders, motocross, bmx, and other action sport athletes the width and surface area needed to perform these maneuvers. Additionally, the Super Quad has self-centering technology built into the design, allowing you to remain in the “sweet” spot of the trampoline to string together multiple tricks.

If you’ll use the trampoline for gymnastics and acrobatics training, the rectangular Super Tramp and Flybed Tramp would be ideal. These rectangular Super Tramps provide the length needed for performing acrobatic tricks.

For our square tramps, we can build them from 16′ x 16′ on down. For our rectangular tramps, we can build any size up to 10′ wide and 20′ long.


Typically it takes about 2 weeks to break in a brand new MaxAir trampoline with a family of 5 using it 2-3 hours per day. The more one of our trampolines is bounced on, the less time it will take to break in.

Our super tramps are designed for the highest bounce of any production trampoline. We recommend a minimum of a 25-30′ ceiling height.

Yes, all of our super tramps can be installed indoors and out. We coat our springs using a proprietary system to prevent rust and corrosion in outdoor environments. However, proper care and maintenance must be strictly adhered to when in an outdoor environment to ensure performance and longevity of the trampoline. You should cover outdoor trampolines when not in use to protect from UV damage and the elements.

The package and product pricing on the website does not include shipping, excavation, or installation.

MaxAir designs custom-tailored trampoline units to fit into your unique space. Our design team has the knowledge and first-hand experience to make your imagination come to life. Especially if space is tight.

You can install the trampoline yourself with custom installation guides provided to you by our design team, or, you may hire a local landscape architect company which the MAXAIR technical team will advise on the installation details and provide “Do It Yourself” videos.

Of course you can. Watch our video on how you can easily repaint your fly bed to extend its life and look!

Yes. We offer financing for individuals through Klarna and Full Circle for businesses. Find more info here.

For all non-trampoline items and equipment, items purchased may be returned within thirty (30) days of purchase for a full refund. For trampolines and all trampoline equipment including but not limited to springs, beds, frames, pads, pad covers, nets, net covers, weather covers and complete trampoline packages are determined on a case by case basis.

Yes, we can build custom mats and pads for just about any requirement and they can even be built around trees, stumps, poles and posts, supports, and more.

Additionally, tramp mats and pads can be screen-printed to your requirements for branding and sponsorship opportunities.

We are able to ship springs, trampoline beds, and spring pad covers in 1-3 business days.

Our lead times on orders that include our steel trampoline frames and/or Deluxe or Premium Padding is 1-3 weeks.

Yes, the bed of any of our tramps can be branded with a custom image or logo of your choosing.

Our lead times on orders that include our steel trampoline frames and/or Deluxe or Premium Padding is 1-3 weeks.

Yes and no. We do sell the Flybed Tramp (7′ x 14′) bed by itself; however, to ensure optimal function and performance, both the Super Quad (14′ x 14′) and Super Tramp (10′ x 20′) beds must be purchased with our springs.

Yes, you may build the frame for any of our tramp beds yourself. We can provide you with instructions on building your own frame; however, you must be able to weld and drill using angle iron.

Under normal usage, the trampoline bed should last about 5 years in an indoor environment. With proper maintenance, including covering to protect from UV rays, an outdoor bed should last up to 4 years, depending on usage.

Currently, none of our trampoline models are portable – all require a static built-in frame. However, they can be disassembled and installed in another location.

No, our trampolines are not approved by the Federation of International Gymnastics (FIG) because our lightweight beds allow bouncers to jump higher than normal trampoline beds. Our Super Tramps will easily allow accomplished bouncers to reach heights 20 feet and over, which is higher than standard Olympic trampolines. The higher bounce will provide more air time to practice and hone your maneuvers.

Yes, our Super Tramp trampolines are designed with athletes in mind. A MaxAir competition trampoline will bring your sporting event to new heights

A leveled area and a shady location are best versus direct sunlight if possible. Make sure there are no obstacles above the area, for example, power lines, and tree limbs.


Please refer to our installation guides to make sure you have enough space for an in-ground pit.

This depends on the type of soil. Clay and rock type soils that don’t drain well, will need to have a drainage system. Sump pumps or running piping to lower grade areas of the lawn will help avoid standing water in your trampoline pit.

Our trampolines are defined by the size of the bouncing surface aka the bed. Please be aware the outside perimeter will be larger depending on the safety padding option you select.

Our trampolines are rated for up to 250LBS - 113 KG. This is one person at a time.

Euro Bed Replacement FAQ

String beds last longer and many gyms prefer to use them for that reason. They can also be used for competitions and many athletes that train on string beds also perform better when competing on Euro mil strap beds. String beds are also easy to repair on your own.

No, MaxAir Trampolines can be used indoors or outdoors.

No, bare feet or socks are great for bouncing on MaxAir Trampolines. However, when bouncing on a strap based Euro bed, there is risk for fingers or toes to get caught in the gaps between the straps. Therefore, trampoline shoes ranging from $17 to $40 a pair are recommended for bouncing and required for competitions.

No, Euro beds must be sent back to the manufacturers for repairs, which can be costly and take long periods of time. Additionally, all liability is placed on any customers that attempt to repair beds themselves or onto any outsourced repair service. For these reasons MaxAir will NOT repair any euro beds or other trampolines.

Yes, with normal use over time a string may break and EVERY MaxAir Trampoline comes with a free string repair kit. Repairs can be made on site while the trampoline is still connected to the frame. We also have instructions and videos showing the steps to safely repair broken strings.


See our video on how to properly replace any broken string on your two-string fly bed.

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