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From our packaged kits to replacement springs, our custom quality is unmatched.


Our designers are focused on creating higher performing & safer trampolines.

From Trampwalls & Towers to Complete Trampoline Rooms

A trampoline room in shades of gray for a truly neutral, liminal experience.
This trampoline room features bare walls for a visually liminal effect.

What space is this?

In recent years, trampwalls and towers have become increasingly popular in the world of extreme sports and parkour, with athletes using them to perform impressive aerial maneuvers and tricks. From flippers to ninja warriors, freestyle trampolinists and freerunners to adventure park enthusiasts, trampoline rooms have become more and more common.

These spaces vary from bare bones set-ups, to the ridiculous and posh, flamboyant to liminal, and each reflect the personalities and traits of those who bounce there. Customized logos and emblems, colors and contours… the limitations are only confined by imagination and the space itself.

But even when space appears lacking, we have tricks ourselves to make your room pop. After over a decade designing not only trampolines but trampoline equipment and safety features, MaxAir Trampolines has the know-how to bring the emotion, experience, and memories to craft an unforgettable, mind-blowing trampoline room. 

For an in-depth look at one family’s trampoline room, check out Mysha’s fantastic walk-through at Remington Avenue!

We'll Make it Fit

A trampoline room can be custom fit to your personal preference. Choose the size, shape & design. Additional features like recessed lighting & padded walls, too.

It doesn't matter what contours exist. We can fit all spaces.
A super quad (left), inflatable air bag (center), and custom quad (right).

Using carpet-bonded foam walls can introduce a permanent cushion & also dampen noise. This style is a fantastic option for contoured walls, turrets & other bizarre areas.

Padded wall panelling is another option. This is a stellar choice allowing removable sections. Access electrical sockets, hidden doors & more!

Know that an indoor tramproom can be safer than a traditional backyard above ground unit. Regardless of the options you choose, you will always be able to count on our commitment to safety. 

Above Ground Super Quad Indoors
Carpet-bonded foam left; foam paneling right.
A commercial in-door above ground Home Air Pro at Tempest.
A mix of carpet-bonded foam & foam panelling.

why maxair knows tramprooms

Being the safest trampoline on the market, we’ve created the best trampoline experience for extreme athletes and gymnasts. Our reputation for safety is so strong that our trampolines are used in gyms, movies, theaters, & parks across the globe. Our design engineers create each trampoline to be both safe & high performing.

When it comes to your home design, we can accommodate your lifestyle and preferences.

Although we may be known for supplying professional athletes we also develop designs for personal sensory gyms for children and adults. Not only can aerial awareness develop but sensory and motor skills, too–and all within the peace and safety of your own home. And, once your skills advance, our equipment is easy to upgrade and change as needed.

Prior to MaxAir Trampolines pioneering of thick, wide pads, trampolines were supplied with thin, 1-inch or 2-inch pads that spread out less than 3 feet from the trampoline. Falling from even a modest of height of 3 feet meant you could still feel the cold of the steel bar beneath the subpar padding. Having a second person present with a pitch mat to be tossed beneath the bouncer was a requirement and is still a practice used to today during FIG-sponsored gymnastic events.

Since our inception, we have produced for worldwide use deluxe pads that are 4-feet wide and 7-inches thick and for the truly extreme, our premium pads: 5-feet wide and 9-inches thick. With these spring pad options, the trampoline world took notice and began to incorporate them into every aspect of the sport.

To further enhance the safety and engineering of our designs, we sit on the board of trampoline and trampoline court safety at ASTM International and are active participants in the IATP. It is through these channels we help maintain the safety of trampoline park attendees and advocate for safer practices. We apply these safe, redundant commercial practices to each of our residential designs and help create your space to be as extreme yet safe as you need it to be.

Indoor super quad trampoline with a gray bed and yellow MaxAir markings.
It doesn't matter if your substructure is wood, rock or metal.
MaxAir Trampolines Poly Bed Pro Backstop
Angled wall stops help deflect away from obstacles & objects.

If you are looking to design your very own trampoline room, trampwall, or other extreme space designed for intense use, request a quote, email, or call us today! 


Top pros blown away by Woodward Tahoe in wake of Grand Opening.

Henrik Lampert


My favorite thing about the Bunker (Woodward Tahoe) is definitely the super tramp. It's unreal. It's so much softer than normal fly beds. It absorbs your bounce and you don't have to worry about traveling at all. I always travel and drift away from the center of the tramp and with this one I don't have to worry about it. People are going to dig this thing big time.

Sammy Carlson


Our 14’ x 14’ trampoline is the best training tool we have at Woodward at Copper for teaching tricks to action sports athletes. The bigger bed is safer for teaching off-axis tricks, and it provides a slower bounce, which better simulates being in the air off a big jump. It’s fun for everyone who visits our facility and it doesn’t matter if they’re learning a seat drop, a 540, or a double cork.

Phoebe Mills

Program Manager / Woodward @ Copper

Max Air Trampolines has provided us here at Rollohalli with their one of a kind 14x14 super quad and 10x20 super trampoline, we have people coming all around the Finland area and from Northern Sweden to our facilities to improve and develop their skills for the snow slopes.

Antero Harjuniemi

Owner / Rollohalli - Finland

I have received our trampoline, and it is installed per the instructions that I received. I had a tramp growing up, but it was nothing like this. The bounce is unbelievable! Thank you for the great customer service, and the fantastic product.

Orion W.


I've always wanted to buy a trampoline for my family but was never able to find something truly well built that also had the safety features I wanted. I did a lot of research on-line and then did some initial calls with a few of my top picks. Max-Air came out first based on their ability to customize to my needs. I wanted to be able to fit a large trampoline inside a barn and use the barn structure as a frame for safety netting. Max-Air delivered! I received an extremely well built unit that was easy to set up. My kids were jumping on it as I hung up the last piece of the netting! Thanks again to Steve and Paul and the whole group at max-Air. You guys did a great job.

David Bensadoun


I decided to get a tramp for my new house in order to improve my air awareness during skiing. The big ‘if’ was whether my wife would allow me to get one. “Where are you going to put it?” She asked. I searched and searched online and somehow ran into Max Air’s website. “No way, they’re in Grand Rapids Michigan?” I thought. Paul and Steve came out and measured the space I had and recommended a 14x10 tramp. After I got the quote I called Steve up and asked him to justify the crazy price tag. “Chris it’s hard to explain other than that this is the only high end custom tramp on the market. There’s a lot of things that go into our tramps, but they are the best.” I ended up pulling the trigger and we lined up a landscaper and got it installed. All I could say was “Wow, this thing is amazing”. We’ve had an in ground pool and a hot tub and I will tell you that this is a FAR better investment. My only regret is not planning for this tramp for the beginning of the building process. I would have gone a bit bigger and got even more padding (even though what we have works fine). On top of an amazing product, the Max Air team has awesome customer service. They have built two custom pitch mats for me and have done other things which were above and beyond. I cannot recommend them highly enough! Oh, and I forgot to mention the huge punchline to the experience: My wife LOVES the tramp because it actually looks great in our landscaping!

Chris Sortman


Your trampoline exceeded all expectation and it fitted the bill perfectly... Everyone was very happy with the trampoline and the subsequent fight we put together.

David Fisher

Stunt Performer for the Movie “Pan”

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