Improving Trampoline Safety, One Jump at a Time


Custom MaxAir Super Quad Trampoline

When it comes to trampoline safety, MaxAir Trampolines knows how to jump ahead of the competition. Safety is our number one priority, and our engineers take it so seriously that they practically wear safety goggles as a fashion statement!

But hey, just like swimming with a lifeguard or hiking with a buddy, it’s always best to have someone with you when you’re bouncing around. Not only can you show off your impressive moves, but you’ll also have some friendly competition to keep you on your toes.

Now, even the best trampolines need a little love from time to time. If you notice any damage, like a missing spring or a tear in the netting, don’t even think about attempting circus acrobatics on it. It’s like trying to do a backflip blindfolded while wearing clown shoes – definitely not a recipe for success! Lucky for you, we have a stash of replacement parts to keep your trampoline in tip-top shape.

Here’s what sets MaxAir Trampolines apart from the rest: we’re proud members of the International Association of Trampoline and Adventure Parks (IATP). Being part of this esteemed association means we adhere to the highest safety standards in the industry. We’ve earned our trampoline safety stripes and wear them with pride!

Not only that, but we’re also actively involved with ASTM International, the authority when it comes to setting safety standards. In fact, we sit on the trampoline park safety board, ensuring that the guidelines and practices we follow are at the forefront of trampoline safety innovation. So, when you choose MaxAir Trampolines, you can trust that you’re getting the safest and most reliable trampoline experience.

Airfactory Trampoline Park MaxAir Trampolines
7x14 In-ground Trampoline

Location, location, location! When it comes to placing your trampoline, remember this golden rule: keep your distance from trees, fences, and any other structures. We don’t want you bouncing into branches or taking aim at the neighbor’s prized flower bed. And please, don’t even consider putting your trampoline on concrete. That’s like asking for trouble with a capital “T”! Instead, find a flat and soft surface, like a grassy meadow, where you can leap to your heart’s content.

We pay attention to every little detail. We understand that every space is unique, and that’s why we’re here to help you design a trampoline that fits your area like nothing else. And if you need a helping hand with installation, we’ve got your back. We’ll make sure your trampoline is not only safe but also performs like a trampoline superstar.

At MaxAir Trampolines, we’re on a mission to empower athletes to reach their maximum performance safely. Our trampolines are the crème de la crème when it comes to class, performance, quality, service, and, of course, safety. So, if you’re ready to take your trampoline game to new heights, trust us, a MaxAir trampoline is like no other – it’s the ultimate ticket to bounce bliss!

If you are looking for the SAFEST trampoline on the planet, request a quote, email, or call us today! Our team is happy to answer any of your questions to help you create the trampoline of your dreams



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