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which trampoline shape is best for you?

There are three shapes available from MaxAir Trampolines: rectangular, square, and circular. One is for recreation while two are designed for both recreation and professional training. Regardless of which you choose, each model is built to last and allow for plenty of room for bouncing.

So, what’s the difference between a round, square, and rectangular trampoline? Of course the basic difference is how the springs are arranged and each type of bounce patterns. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of trampoline shapes and discover which is right for you!

CIRCLE, Round & Oval

Circle trampolines have springs arranged in a circular pattern around the edge of the trampoline. This particular design allows for consistent and controlled bounces in the center of the trampoline, with a softer and less bouncier rebound the closer one is to the edge. The round shape makes it easier to control movement and direction when bouncing as the springs works in unison to pull the jumper back to the center. 

Round and Oval trampolines are a marriage between circle and rectangle trampolines. A slower bounce, these have the ability to propel the trampolinist further into the air due to more surface area to rebound, airflow, and of course–more springs. As the springs are not spaced equally to the impact of the bouncing, the concert of springs extend less and less the further the bed surface is from the impact point. This results in rounded and oval tramps the weakest in terms of snap.

Both oval and circle trampolines are perfect for introducing children to tricking and increasing their aerial awareness. Once they have grasped the fundamentals of trampolining, they should upgrade to either a rectangle or square tramp for higher quality bouncing and superior performance. You will see your children continue to grow in ability as they reach new heights!

Inground round trampoline.
The MaxAir Trampolines Nova Fly Bed prototype.
The Nova Inground before pit installation.


True Size of a Super Quad Trampoline
Y'know? For kids AND athletes!
It's hard to slip off a square.

It may seem like a circular trampoline would provide more jumping space but a square trampoline delivers you more. That’s because there is more space corner to corner. The square shape provides sturdy support for jumpers by centering the bounce. Surrounded by an equal amount of high-performance tension springs, a square trampoline bed acts as one giant spring. When set-up in a square formation, a trampoline will rocket you upward and not forward nor backward.

MaxAir Trampolines pioneered the square super trampoline to produce this specific ability for world-breaking, gold medal-winning athletes by engineering corner springs to accommodate side springs.

For anyone who performs advanced tricks, we recommend the Super Quad. Its square shape offers more room and is ideal for those who want to perform complicated moves like off-axis twists and flips. Think snowboarders and free-skiers, scooterists and skateboarders, X Gamers and Olympians.

Our Super Quad is specifically designed for extreme sports and for those athletes that compete on a competitive, professional level. The 14 by 14-foot square tramp bed provides athletes with the space to perform complex athletic tricks while providing the safety and durability they need. It can be installed in a home or a gym and is ideal for any athlete, especially those competing at the top of their sport.


Rectangular shaped trampolines are the most recognizable as well as the most used shape for professional athletes. Rectangular tramps are far-more stable than circular but lack the self-centering capabilities of a square. Rectangular trampolines provide more space for off-center bouncing-based tricks and are perfectly suited for practicing gymnastics routines.

Rectangular trampolines also have a lot of space, making them a great choice for families as the overly complicated formula below demonstrates:


If you plan to have several children playing on a trampoline, don’t because it is dangerous and more often than not the smaller individual can be injured.

A rectangular trampoline complete with padding, and netting if above ground, will be the safest option. This will allow you and your loved ones to avoid the worry if your trampoline is safe.

Our Super Tramp is the world-class rectangular trampoline for athletes and the most active of sporting families. The super trampoline is 10 feet by 20 feet, providing 200 square feet of jumping surface. Your child will love practicing gymnastic moves on this trampoline by developing confidence and control. They will find their next breakthrough and it won’t be the trampoline bed.

It's hip to be rectangle. Doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo...
Captions about rectangular tramps must be 50% serious.

Overall, the shape and arrangement of the springs on a trampoline will affect the type of bounce that you get and the activities that you can perform on it. Ultimately, the best trampoline for you will depend on your personal preferences and the type of activities that you plan to do on it.

If you are looking for the best trampoline designed for intense use, request a quote, email, or call us today! Our team is happy to answer any of your questions to help you create the trampoline of your dreams


Top pros blown away by Woodward Tahoe in wake of Grand Opening.

Henrik Lampert


My favorite thing about the Bunker (Woodward Tahoe) is definitely the super tramp. It's unreal. It's so much softer than normal fly beds. It absorbs your bounce and you don't have to worry about traveling at all. I always travel and drift away from the center of the tramp and with this one I don't have to worry about it. People are going to dig this thing big time.

Sammy Carlson


Our 14’ x 14’ trampoline is the best training tool we have at Woodward at Copper for teaching tricks to action sports athletes. The bigger bed is safer for teaching off-axis tricks, and it provides a slower bounce, which better simulates being in the air off a big jump. It’s fun for everyone who visits our facility and it doesn’t matter if they’re learning a seat drop, a 540, or a double cork.

Phoebe Mills

Program Manager / Woodward @ Copper

Max Air Trampolines has provided us here at Rollohalli with their one of a kind 14x14 super quad and 10x20 super trampoline, we have people coming all around the Finland area and from Northern Sweden to our facilities to improve and develop their skills for the snow slopes.

Antero Harjuniemi

Owner / Rollohalli - Finland

I have received our trampoline, and it is installed per the instructions that I received. I had a tramp growing up, but it was nothing like this. The bounce is unbelievable! Thank you for the great customer service, and the fantastic product.

Orion W.


I've always wanted to buy a trampoline for my family but was never able to find something truly well built that also had the safety features I wanted. I did a lot of research on-line and then did some initial calls with a few of my top picks. Max-Air came out first based on their ability to customize to my needs. I wanted to be able to fit a large trampoline inside a barn and use the barn structure as a frame for safety netting. Max-Air delivered! I received an extremely well built unit that was easy to set up. My kids were jumping on it as I hung up the last piece of the netting! Thanks again to Steve and Paul and the whole group at max-Air. You guys did a great job.

David Bensadoun


I decided to get a tramp for my new house in order to improve my air awareness during skiing. The big ‘if’ was whether my wife would allow me to get one. “Where are you going to put it?” She asked. I searched and searched online and somehow ran into Max Air’s website. “No way, they’re in Grand Rapids Michigan?” I thought. Paul and Steve came out and measured the space I had and recommended a 14x10 tramp. After I got the quote I called Steve up and asked him to justify the crazy price tag. “Chris it’s hard to explain other than that this is the only high end custom tramp on the market. There’s a lot of things that go into our tramps, but they are the best.” I ended up pulling the trigger and we lined up a landscaper and got it installed. All I could say was “Wow, this thing is amazing”. We’ve had an in ground pool and a hot tub and I will tell you that this is a FAR better investment. My only regret is not planning for this tramp for the beginning of the building process. I would have gone a bit bigger and got even more padding (even though what we have works fine). On top of an amazing product, the Max Air team has awesome customer service. They have built two custom pitch mats for me and have done other things which were above and beyond. I cannot recommend them highly enough! Oh, and I forgot to mention the huge punchline to the experience: My wife LOVES the tramp because it actually looks great in our landscaping!

Chris Sortman


Your trampoline exceeded all expectation and it fitted the bill perfectly... Everyone was very happy with the trampoline and the subsequent fight we put together.

David Fisher

Stunt Performer for the Movie “Pan”

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