10' x 20' Super Tramp Trampoline Package

World famous. Like. Nothing. Else.




The world-famous Super Tramp LIKE. NOTHING. ELSE.

Will you land a quintuple cork? We’d like to help you with that.

The Super Tramp redefined trampolines in 1981 and has been a mainstay ever since. Simply put: the 10′ x 20′ Super Tramp is the most powerful production super tramp in the world. Designed for elite gymnasts, acrobats, and athletes, the Super Tramp provides 200 square feet of surface area for triple pikes and quadruple fulls. Compete and complete complex twirls, twists and tricks until you’ve perfected the ultimate routine.

Each 10′ x 20′ Super Tramp Trampoline Package contains


A MaxAir Trampolines Super Tramp is the premium tool for elite performers and athletes of every sport requiring non-centered and forward/backward momentum. Our double-string fly bed design, super springs, and steel frame are too powerful for competitive play and sanctioned performances–nothing outperforms a Super Tramp!

Experience why every athlete from surfers, skiers, scooterists, snowboarders, bikers, parachutists, steeplechasers, iron women and men, freerunners, gymnasts, gtrampers, wakeboarders, trampwallers, skimboarders, martial artists and ninja warriors, basketball players, Gold Medalists, Olympians, Record Holders and World Champions all trust MaxAir Trampolines!

Require a more centered-momentum bounce? The MaxAir Super Quad is a 14’x14′ square super tramp and an engineering masterpiece specially designed for such activities. For a more custom bounce, we invite you to build your own!

All New 2022 Vinyl Colors Available
MaxAir Trampolines offers a variety of colors for your custom layout. Call 1-877-4-MAX-AIR today!

Additional information

Weight 950.000548 lbs
Pad Size

Deluxe, Premium, Standard

Vinyl Color

Black, Burgundy, Charcoal, Forest Green, Golden Yellow, Grey, Light Blue, Lime Green, Medium Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, White, Yellow

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