10×20 Trampoline Pads

10x20 Trampoline Pads


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Our MaxAir Trampoline pads are designed to completely surround the trampoline for safe jumping. Choose from 3 different options:

Spring Pad Covers

These standard trampoline pads are 1.25″ thick and 28″ wide. We use a firm polyethylene foam that reduces the shock from landing off the trampoline. These pads provide the least amount of protection of our three pad systems. Our spring pad covers are only recommended to be used on trampolines where small children are bouncing and athletes are only doing single0flip tricks. For advanced athletes doing multiple-flip tricks, we recommend our premium or deluxe pad systems.

Deluxe Padding

Deluxe pads are 7″ thick x 4′ wide. They are made of a medium density polyurethane foam.  These safety pads are designed for higher performing athletes and those that are doing multiple flip routines. They are safe and effective.

Premium Padding

Premium pads are 9″ thick and 5′ wide.  They are made of a medium-density polyurethane foam. These pads are for athletes that bounce extremely high and are performing high-level skills that include doubles and even triples.  Our premium pads are the safest option for any level of athlete.

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