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We recommend using a landscape architect or general contractor to install your trampoline. We will provide all of the necessary installation instructions and also be available to answer any questions your installer might have. If you need assistance finding someone to install your trampoline, let us know and we may be able to help. MaxAir also offers installation services for an additional charge.


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Installation and design guides

In-Ground installation instructions & User Guide – Information for users, architects, builders, and installers
Architect Specifications, materials, components, & tools.

Find a Certified Installer

Browse our list of current MaxAir Certified Installers to learn if there are any in your area or find who you can contact for more information on having a MaxAir Trampoline installed at your home or facility.


Fortenberry Construction
Ronda Gacek
52 Pilot Knob Lane
Telluride, CO 81435


CJM Lawn & Maintenance
Cameron Mertal
Rockford, Michigan


Pascual Castillo Landscape
Richmond, CA


We are always looking for future MaxAir Trampoline certified installers.

Become a Certified Installer

Become a Certified MaxAir Trampoline Installer

MaxAir Trampolines is currently looking for qualified landscape installation companies that are motivated to expand their business offerings by becoming a certified MaxAir Trampoline installer.

Once sign-up is complete and your company is approved, installers are responsible for the entire set-up process and installation of MaxAir Trampolines. This process includes surveying for underground lines and utility pipes, excavation, retaining wall builds, trampoline installation, and finishing work. Installer must possess their own liability insurance in case of damage to customers’ property or the product itself. Installers also must follow MaxAir’s approved installation manuals in order to ensure the safety and durability of the equipment.

We invite you to complete the sign up process so we can begin laying the foundation for a great future partnership.

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Become a Certified Dealer

Become a Certified MaxAir Trampoline Dealer

We appreciate your interest in MaxAir Trampoline Products. We specialize in high-performance in-ground trampolines that cater to markets ranging from homeowners with families to the professional extreme sport athlete. We have been in business for nearly four years and, although we are a new company, we have been weaving high-performance trampolines for our own gymnastics training facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan for more than a decade.

Our company has experienced significant growth both domestically and internationally within the last three years, as we are one of the only companies in the world that produces large, in-ground, high-performance trampoline systems.


By becoming a MaxAir Trampoline dealer, you gain the ability to offer your clients a unique backyard trampoline option, which also adds flexibility and additional revenue opportunities for your company. We work with our dealers and installers to make certain that you understand your market and how to acquire customers. We provide comprehensive marketing materials such as brochures, email templates, and product samples. We also give you with all necessary installation materials and train you on installation requirements.

What makes this a great opportunity is that installations are not very complex and our detailed guidelines will help you learn how to get in and out of a job in just a day or two, which will increase your turnaround time and profit potential. Our goal is to find qualified and motivated dealers who have the market potential and ideal size company needed to manage a workable service area in their community.

MaxAir will provide you with MaxAir Trampolines at a negotiated cost and will also provide all of the marketing materials you will need to get started. Be assured that as a MaxAir certified dealer, we will be available to answer questions and provide support. We will always strive to create a great business-to-business relationship in order for you to successfully sell and market MaxAir Trampoline products.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about become a MaxAir dealer.

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Certified Trampoline Installers Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to become a certified installer?

There is no cost involved in becoming an installer. We provide the training, installation guides, architecture spec sheets, and additional marketing materials. Everything you need to get started and correctly install MaxAir Trampolines.

How profitable are the installations?

You can expect to charge the customer anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000 for basic landscapes and $6,000+ for more complex installations.

How much work is involved?

The Installation of our trampolines is quite simple. It consists of excavating a hole, building a rectangular or square retaining wall, bolting the frame to the retaining wall, installing springs-bed-pads, backfilling, and finishing work.

How long do most installations take?

Installations typically take 1-2 days depending on how fast and consistent your crew is.

Can I complete installations by myself?

We require that there be at least two people working on each project. Some of the equipment is large, so for the safety of installers and the handling of the product, we feel two people ensures proper and error proof installation.

Do you grant exclusive territories?

Exclusive territories may or may not be granted. This depends on the size of your customer base and whether you are willing to sign an MAPA (minimum annual purchase agreement).

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