What Type of Maintenance Does a MaxAir Trampoline Need?

Normal wear and tear is just that, normal. That’s why we made it simple for you to fix issues on site.

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Once you install a MaxAir trampoline for the first time, there are just a few basic things you want to keep in mind as you use it. The first thing is the trampoline bed. As you use your trampoline, the string on the bed will wear and snap. It happens with all trampolines. What other manufacturers don’t have, however, is a string kit. With this trampoline repair kit, you can make any mends on site with zero down time. 

You also need to inspect your spring set to see if there are any uncoiled springs that may be snapped or broken. You definitely want to replace them every time that happens. We include 10 extra sets in every set we sell, so you will have extra springs on site. For an extra layer of protection, consider a weather cover for your entire trampoline when it is not in use. The sun’s UV rays cause the pads to discolor and crack. By using a weather cover, you extend the life and longevity of your trampoline.

MaxAir offers both a string set and a spring trampoline repair kit for all sizes. A set of 10 trampoline springs.

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