What Are the Benefits of an In-Ground Trampoline?

train as the olympians do

the safest option

What do Olympians train on? In-ground trampolines. Why? Are in ground trampolines safer? Yes. Because of bounce quality and air flow. There’s little you can’t do with an in-ground trampoline that cannot be replicated at the ‘performance’ level or a folding competition apparatus let alone a cheaply made backyard above ground trampoline.  

By starting at ground level, you remove the need for safety netting. The mats that surround your trampoline will provide adequate fall protection. You also eliminate that extra 3 or 4 feet of fall distance on an above ground unit, where one weird bounce can mean slipping off (or through) the platform.

Simply put: an in-ground trampoline from MaxAir is the safest trampoline for your backyard. That, and it looks much better tied into your landscape.

A flybed 6x12 foot in ground trampoline. Are in ground trampolines safer? By design, yes.

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