Why MaxAir?

Best In Class, Durable, High Performance Trampolines

Our mission is empowering the dedicated. For those training to be able to do so safely. For athletes to achieve their maximum performance. We offer you the best in class, performance, quality, service & safety customized just for you.

RS Parks 7x14 Action Shot
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Best In Class


Our performance technology lets you bounce higher. Reach heights beyond 20’ for 25% more height than standard Class 1 or Class 2 trampolines.


Handwoven in the USA from durable components tested to last. With proper care & storage, your trampoline will last for generations to come.


Safety is the foundation for our success & our #1 priority. As industry leaders in trampoline & adventure park safety, we adhere to the highest of standards.


Our Technical Team is passionate about design & making dreams real. We value your time & want what’s best for you, your trampoline & your space.

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High Performance Trampolines

All of our components are meticulously designed to work in concert together to produce the highest performance trampoline available. Self-centering technology, heavy duty springs, angle steel frames, lightweight bounce mat string beds: you will experience a better, softer yet more powerful bounce. Experience higher & longer air times to perfect more complicated aerial tricks.


Gymnasts, performers & extreme athletes demand our safety features. You know time on a trampoline comes with risks. Gradually working up to new, more involved & difficult maneuvers takes patience & precaution. Your physical condition will excel, backed by thick spring pads to minimize risks & mishaps.

Backyard to Extreme Sports Training

Around the world, amateurs & professionals of all skill levels cannot deny the magic bounce of MaxAir Trampolines. Cheerleaders, freerunners, parkour traceurs, extreme athletes like snowboarders & freeskiers, vert & street skateboarders, wakeboarders, divers, BMX riders, & even motocross champions train on MaxAir Trampolines. Even movie stunt actors & aerialists from circuses like Cirque du Soleil hone their skills with us.


We design, engineer & manufacture our super trampolines for maximum airtime. Master axis & off-axis tricks & every conceivable flip. Push your serious training to new heights & gain competitive advantages. Or for fun-seeking active families, hop on & enjoy the bounce for the thrill of it.

MaxAir Trampolines are Versatile

Our trampolines can be installed anywhere outdoors &, in many cases, even indoors. Our ingrounds install flush with your lawn, deck, or as a slick conversion combination with a swimming pool (ask us how). We do above ground setups, too. Our extensive spring pad options grant you the  flexibility for a subtle minimalist look or make a bold statement worthy of the X Games with your own graphics. Place one beside a basketball hoop for a home game of SlamBall & reach epic dunks like never before!


  • Handwoven 2-String Class 3 Fly Bed Bounce Mats
  • Heavy Duty Performance Springs
  • Angle Steel Frames
  • Oversized Spring Padding


  • Larger, Self-Centering Sweet Spots
  • Powerfully Soft Bounces
  • 25% More Height For More Air Time
  • An Elite Tool & Luxury Toy To Hand Down Generation After Generation
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