Why Max Air?


Our mission is to empower those who are dedicated to training to be able to safely learn and achieve their maximum performance. MaxAir offers you the best in class, performance, quality, service and safety customized just for you and your athlete. A MaxAir is like nothing else.



Technology that lets you bounce higher -reaching heights of up to 20’ & more so you can perform off-axis flipping & twisting motions in a controlled environment before you try tricks on the slopes or at the park. That is 15-20% more than standard trampoline beds.


Proudly hand woven in America of the highest durable components that lasts for years. We use the best materials and with proper care and storage you can ensure that yours will last.


Safety is one of the main foundations of our success and our team’s #1 priority. We are proud to say that the products we offer and design are the safest of their kind.  Our team of designers and engineers are at the forefront of safety innovation which plays a key role in user safety and product longevity. 


Our professional, knowledge sales team is passionate about helping you get what is right for you and your family. Fun fact…..they’re all from the industry either as users or coaches!

Brought Together to Deliver:

  • Heavy Duty Springs
  • Heavy Duty Beds
  • Heavy Duty Frames
  • Heavy Duty Padding with Oversized Choices

High Quality Components:

  • Larger Sweet Spots
  • Powder Coated & Heavy-Duty Welded Frames
  • Powder Coated Springs to protect from rusting
  • Springs and Beds designed as a unit with ‘Self Centering Bounce” technology

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