Two-String Fly Bed 10' x 12' Home Air Pro Trampoline

Stronger & more powerful than poly or web bounce mats. Higher action than those used at the Olympics.

Fly bed only. Custom color & logo options available here. Handmade in the USA.



More powerful than competition trampoline beds.

You have springs. Got the bed?

The better the springs, the better the bounce. What about your bed?

Air flow plays an important part in how well a trampoline bed bounces. Web and poly bounce mats limit and restrict the air flow and slows movement. We designed our trampoline beds for maximum bounce height and cater to all athletes, gymnasts, and active families. The two-string 1/4-inch handwoven construction allows for high levels of air flow, giving the fly bed the snap to shoot you up!

MaxAir Trampolines two-string fly beds are made of 100% multifilament polyester with a higher break strength than machine-made poly bed or similar 4mm competition web bed trampolines. This makes for a stronger, higher quality bed with higher action than those used at the Olympics. The 10′ x 12′ footprint is larger with more power and durability than FIG and USAG competition trampolines!

Our string is solution dyed for more color fastness, won’t bleed and is treated with a non-yellowing, moisture resistant and weatherproofing process to offer great uv protection so it won’t fade or weaken by the sun. Be sure to add custom graphics for a one-of-a-kind trampoline that’s all you! Add a weather cover for added protection to the elements. Each fly bed is handmade in the USA.


Additional information

Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 9 in

Gray, Red & Black, MaxAir

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