Super Quad 14′ x 14′ Super Trampoline Bed

14′ x 14′ Class 3 Bounce Surface | 196′ Surface Area

Includes Two-String Fly Bed

1-year Warranty

Ships in 4-6 weeks

Bed Fitment Form | User Guide | Warranty | Financing




Super Quad 14′ x 14′ Trampoline Bed

Two-String Fly Bed | 14′ x 14′ Class 3 Bounce Surface

-Available in Gray, White, or Custom Colors-

Trampoline Bed Fitment Form | User Guide | Warranty | Financing

This is the square super tramp that had the professionals at Woodward Tahoe astounded with a 196′ surface area to bounce on!


Our Class 3 two-string fly beds are made of 100% multifilament polyester with a higher break strength than machine-made poly bed or similar 4mm competition web bed trampolines. This makes for a stronger, higher quality bed with higher action than those used at the Olympics. Our string is solution dyed for more color fastness, won’t bleed and is treated with a non-yellowing, moisture resistant and weatherproofing process to offer great UV protection so it won’t fade or weaken by the sun. Web and poly beds restrict and limit air flowing through a trampoline’s bedding. We designed our fly bed to provide maximum height to cater all athletes performing complex off-axis spins and flips. Our special two-string 1/4-inch weave construction allows high levels of air flow through the bed, giving it the speed and snap necessary to make you soar. Handmade on our specialty looms in the USA.

Reach out to us by email, submit a formal quote, or call us at 877-4-MAX-AIR to see how you can own the ultimate big air training tool!



Any order with a custom design will require design service unless you provide the required assets according to our standards. Each custom project includes one (1) hour of design work and/or up to two (2) revisions; further custom design service is billed at $150.00USD per hour. Custom design hours will be billed after 30 days if no approval is received and your order will be closed. Any changes in custom design past the approval date will be billed as a separate item.

Additional information

Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 24.5 × 24.5 × 13 in
Bed Color

Custom, Gray, White

Bed Marks

Custom 1-Color, Custom 2-Color, MaxAir

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