Upgrade Your Old Trampoline Like. Nothing. Else.

You love your trampoline. Everything that sets it apart from all the other tramps out there. Maybe you built it. Maybe you found it. Fixed it up & tricked it out. A gift or hand-me-down. No matter — it’s already perfect. But maybe you noticed you lost some bounce. A little less air. Sure, a full kit isn’t what you want. What you need is your own custom upgrade designed just for you.

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New Tricks For An Old Tramp

Do you have an old folding comp tramp or backyard rebounder? Need to fix up your gtramp? Patch your poly bed? No matter who you are or where you are, submit a Fitment Check Form & we’ll let you know precisely what you need!

Maybe all you need is a handfull of springs in the correct size? Maybe a new bounce mat bed? Pair your imagination with our expertise as we design a custom upgrade for your setup. Add original art graphics in multiple colors! Get the correct sized springs instead of cheapies you double.


From design to installation: MaxAir Trampolines is Like. Nothing. Else.

Case Study

A Truly Custom Trampoline

Chris was in the process of building a new home & reached out to us for a custom unit.

A tight space was chosen & MaxAir Trampolines Technical Team came up with an internal brace for a retaining wall so the trampoline didn’t interfere with the surrounding landscape. Once the overall design and layout was confirmed, MaxAir set up a local landscape architect company to excavate & build the trampoline’s pit-set foundation. Once the pit was completed, MaxAir was on site & knocked the complete layout  with ease. Any questions are answered by professional technicians with experience and know-how.


Trampoline bed size: 14′ x 10′
Overall perimeter dimensions: 22′ L x 16′ W
Custom deluxe safety pads: 4′ W x 7″ Thick

“I decided to get a tramp for my new house in order to improve my air awareness during skiing. The big ‘if’ was whether my wife would allow me to get one. “Where are you going to put it?” She asked. I searched and searched online and somehow ran into Max Air’s website. “No way, they’re in Grand Rapids Michigan?” I thought. Paul and Steve came out and measured the space I had and recommended a 14 x 10 tramp. After I got the quote I called Steve up and asked him to justify the crazy price tag. “Chris it’s hard to explain other than that this is the only high end custom tramp on the market. There’s a lot of things that go into our tramps, but they are the best.” I ended up pulling the trigger and we lined up a landscaper and got it installed. All I could say was “Wow, this thing is amazing”. We’ve had an in ground pool and a hot tub and I will tell you that this is a FAR better investment. My only regret is not planning for this tramp for the beginning of the building process. I would have gone a bit bigger and got even more padding (even though what we have works fine). On top of an amazing product, the Max Air team has awesome customer service. They have built two custom pitch mats for me and have done other things which were above and beyond. I cannot recommend them highly enough! Oh, and I forgot to mention the huge punchline to the experience: My wife LOVES the tramp because it actually looks great in our landscaping!”
Chris S.

Even the widest, open spaces have limitations.

That’s why MaxAir Trampolines Technical Team works with you every step of the way — from hand sketches to floor or outdoor plans to design prints. Once our Technical Team determines the feasibility of your dream project, our designers create renderings & confirm colors & patterns before you send a single payment.

How It Works

Stage 1


Stage 2

Measurements & Initial Sketches

Stage 3


Are you starting to imagine your dream trampoline?

MaxAir Trampolines can transform any indoor or outdoor space. Are you looking for a fun family activity center? A serious athletic training gym? We can do both. We can even fit one over your pool.

Here’s a list of previous custom projects to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Racquetball court conversion with padded walls
  • SlamBall trampoline courts
  • Custom wood decking with in-built trampolines
  • Extra long trampolines for skinny lawns
  • Townhouse & loft trampolines
  • Sensory trampolines with handlebars
  • Extreme sports barns & barndominiums
  • American Ninja Warrior courses
  • Trampolines with wall towers
  • Complete trampoline rooms & parks
  • Floating pontoon trampolines
A boy jumping on an in-ground trampoline with a canopy above.

MaxAir custom projects are only limited by your imagination (& maybe a few walls or ceilings).

Frequently Asked Questions

What if space is limited?

We tailor trampoline units to fit your unique space. Our designers have over 50 years of combined knowledge & first-hand experience to bring your imagination to life. Even if space is tight or your HOA is a pain.

Once the trampoline arrives at my house, who will install the trampoline?

You can install the trampoline yourself with custom installation guides provided to you by the MaxAir Trampolines Technical Team or you may hire a local landscape architect, landscape company, excavator, or general contractor with whom we instruct & advise.

When deciding the location of the trampoline in my yard, what should I be considering?

A level area & a shady location are best. Keep out of direct sunlight if possible for extended longevity. Be sure the area above is free from obstacles, such as power lines or tree limbs. Please consult our User GuideInstallation Guides prior to purchase.

Do I need to put a drain in the bottom of my pit?

This depends on the type of soil. Rocky or clay soils that do not drain well may require drainage. Simple drainage systems such as a sump pump or drain pipe will deter standing water from remaining in your trampoline pit.

How are the trampoline sizes defined?

Our trampolines are defined by the size of their bouncing surfaces referred to as the bed or bounce mat. Please be aware the outside perimeter & overall footprint of our package kits will be larger depending on the spring pad option you select.

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