14′ x 14′ Super Quad Full Spring Set


114 Super Side Springs | 11.75″ 29.8cm

16 Super Corner Springs | 13.65″ 34.6cm

Includes 10 extra side springs.

Ships in 2-3 days

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Super Trampoline High-Performance Springs

Super Quad Full Spring Set

for 14′ x 14′ trampolines

Fitment Form | Warranty | Financing

Originally developed for our 10′ x 20′ Super Tramp, 14′ x 14′ Super Quad and 10′ x 12′ Home Air Pro. This complete set of high-performance super trampoline springs consists of 114 Super Side Springs and 16 Super Corner Springs made in the USA. Super trampoline springs are high-performance spring coils made of incredibly durable, high-tensile strength carbon steel designed specifically for strong, consistently high bounces. Our unique corner spring system incorporates 16 Super Corner Springs to stabilize the trampolinist whenever they land too close to the corner or side of the trampoline. The center-pulling bounce will safely help increase aerial awareness while stopping the trampolinist from launching or landing in any unsafe direction.

High-Performance springs are designed to have the most active coils per inch while maintaining the most stable and sturdiest bed-to-frame attachment. Each coil is wound tight for extreme torque. Each spring produces a strong deflection with a high elastic limit. Together, these create a powerful yet surprisingly soft bounce with a higher maximum stress limit for even the heaviest hitting athletes.  A dipped autophoretic resin coating more resilient than galvanization allows each spring to maintain shape and resist the most brutal environmental conditions.

Do you want to reach new heights? It may be time to replace your springs. Stop relying on doubling or crossing old springs and swap for a higher performing complete super trampoline spring set instead. Reach out to us by email, submit a formal quote or call us toll free at 877-4-MAX-AIR to see how you can upgrade your trampoline today!


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