7 x 14 Full Spring Set

116 Regular Side Springs

12 Regular Corner Springs

Includes 10 extra side springs.

Ships in 3 Boxes.



MaxAir’s 7 x 14 Trampoline Full Spring Set of trampoline springs comprises 116 Regular Side Springs and 12 Regular Corner Springs. We make our trampoline springs of durable, high proprietary carbon steel designed to give you a strong, consistently high bounce. We use a corner spring system that incorporates 12 corner springs to stabilize the bouncer whenever they are bouncing too closely to the corners. This helps to keep the bouncer more centered and will stop the trampoline from launching the athlete in unwanted directions for years.

Our Regular Springs are made from specially designed high-tensile strength carbon steel and manufactured in the USA. MaxAir Trampolines ensures our springs have the most active coils per inch. Our helical cone ends are tipped with long, round machine hooks with center placement for the sturdiest frame-to-bed attachment to ensure a supreme angular relationship of relative ends. The close wind of the adjacent coils provide the greatest deflection with the highest elastic limit. This creates a maximum stress limit for even the heaviest repeat hitting of trampolinists.  The autophoretic resin-based coating process enables these coil springs to endure the most brutal of environments. When grouped together, Regular Springs will bounce you skywards up to 20 feet and possibly more! Attaching a fly bed to our steel frames, you’ll trick out in the sky LIKE. NOTHING. ELSE.

Additional information

Weight 128 lbs
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