10′ x 20′ Super Tramp Trampoline Deluxe Package Kit

Deluxe Inground Package Kit

10′ x 20′ Bounce Surface | 18′ x 28′ Total Footprint

Includes Two-String Fly Bed | 120 Super Side Springs | 16 Super Corner Springs | Steel Frame | Deluxe Pads

5-year warranty on frames. 1-year warranty on beds.

Ships in 8-10 weeks

Installation Instructions | User Guide | Financing




Super Trampoline

Deluxe Inground Package Kit

10′ x 20′ Bounce Surface | 18′ x 28′ Total Footprint

1 Two-String Fly Bed – 120 Super Side Springs – 16 Super Corner Springs – 1 In-Ground Steel Frame – 8 Deluxe Safety Pads

Installation Instructions | User Guide | Financing

The super tramp has redefined the sport. Featuring self-centering technology on a featherweight Two-String Fly Bed, enough Super Side & Super Corner Springs (with a few handfuls of extras to keep you going for years!) and our heavy duty Steel Frame cushioned by our industry-changing Deluxe Safety Padding. This complete package kit comes ready to be assembled and installed in a 18′ x 28′ area with a 200 foot surface area to bounce on!


Our fly beds are made of 100% multifilament polyester with a higher break strength than machine-made poly bed or similar 4mm competition web bed trampolines. This makes for a stronger, higher quality bed with higher action than those used at the Olympics. Our string is solution dyed for more color fastness, won’t bleed and is treated with a non-yellowing, moisture resistant and weatherproofing process to offer great UV protection so it won’t fade or weaken by the sun.

Web and poly beds limit and deter air flowing through a trampoline’s bedding. We designed our fly bed to provide maximum height to cater to all athletes performing complex off-axis spins and flips. Our special two-string 1/4-inch weave allows high levels of air to flow through the bed, giving it speed and the snap necessary to make you soar. Handmade on our specialty looms in the USA.


Our Super Springs are high-tensile strength steel and made in the USA. Our corner spring system of 16 corner springs, each measuring 13.65″ (34.6cm), stabilize the athlete when they bounce too close to the corner or side of the apparatus. This helps center the bouncer and stops the bouncer from launching into an unwanted direction. The super corner spring is designed for use with our Super Side Springs which measure 11.75″ (29.8cm).

Our springs have the most active coils per inch. A helical cone end design tipped with long, round center-placed hooks produce the sturdiest bed-to-frame attachment. The close wind of each adjacent coil provides the highest deflection with the greatest elastic limit. This creates a maximum stress limit for the heaviest of trampolinists and their repeat, continual tricking for years.  A resilient coating enables each spring to endure the most brutal of environments. Together, our springs will bounce you upwards and past 20 feet and more depending on your skill level! Always know your skill set and limitations and bounce responsibly.


Each high-strength steel super trampoline frame is made in the USA. Our wiggle wire design reduces spring friction and lessens spring wear. Our frames are treated with a thick powder coating to hold up to the worst weather, guard against rust and added protection to heavy use. Our super tramp frame consists of 16 sections–10 pieces measuring 46 3/4″ (118.7cm) and 6 sections measuring 52 1/4″ (133.9cm)–for ease of handling and installation. Each design element of our frames contribute to their longevity, ease of installation, and help the physics behind our springs and fly beds as straight-up as possible. Currently, our 10 x 20 Steel Frames are Black for the 2022-2023 season.


Our Deluxe Safety Padding is 7″ (17.78cm) thick and 48″ (121.92cm) wide and made of medium density polyurethane foam.  These are designed for higher performing athletes and those who perform multiple flip routines. These are safe and effective. If you are tired showing up to events battered and bruised from practice on standard competition pads, our Deluxe Safety Padding is for you. Made in the USA.

All of our pads are wrapped in a durable vinyl that won’t rip, pull apart, or tear when taut. Save yourself the trouble of practicing high-intense training exercises and routines on shallow, thin pads meant for competitions and spoil your muscles, joints and bones with comfort instead.

All New 2022 Vinyl Colors Available

Reach out to us by email, submit a formal quote or call us toll free at 877-4-MAX-AIR to see how you can own the ultimate big air training tool!


Additional information

Pad Color

Black, Burgundy, Charcoal, Custom, Forest Green, Golden Yellow, Gray, Light Blue, Lime Green, Medium Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, White, Yellow

Bed Color

Custom, Gray, White

Bed Marks

Competition, Custom 1-Color, Custom 2-Color, MaxAir, Standard

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